One of the largest anxiety inducing problems that I’ve seen is the inability to get your training session in whilst traveling, enjoying summer, and being on the go.

skipping the gym while traveling or ignoring any excise for that matter can make you feel guilty, down on yourself, or simply that you’re getting farther away from your goals when in reality you’re most definitely not,

however it still helps to keep you’re  sanity and reassurance  on the go for the sake of your self esteem if your dedication to fitness is already relatively devoted to begin with

Regardless, it will no longer be a detriment to the success of your body composition as you travel, once you learn that your body is the best mobile gym you have, and it can be taken anywhere at the sake of your convenience  😉

A vast majority of folks think they need to become a master at calisthenics to succeed in the bodyweight devision, but thats simply the farthest thing from the truth, the fact of the matter is, anybody can do it!

Mastering a couple of key moments will enable you to make continuous progress , wether you’re in a hotel room, at the beach, at your own home, or any kind of location that doesn’t allow access to a gym.

you’re very body in which your consciousness resides is your resistance.

how do you think guys in prison become muscular? it damn sure isn’t from having access to cream of the crop training equipment,

and they sure as hell don’t have the resources or knowledge to incorporate strategic progressive overload, and without weights whats a person to do to achieve a muscular physique, health, and overall body composition change on the go?

The answer is: tension

musce beach

Whether you’re getting tension from weights, bands, barbells, pink dumbbells ( if thats your thing) or tension the body is going to respond with a stimulus based off the tension, sets, reps and weight of your body that it receives, which is where using you’re very creative mind, and the objects in this world at your disposal comes in handy!

The world is your playground/gym and when you finally get it down, you will be able to eye any obstacle or object on planet earth with ease that you know will provided a structured surface to take your workout to the next level without any worry or fear of missing another workout.

I was in Los angeles recently for a summer vacation, and while I was having a blast, something still didn’t feel right, and it was the fact that I hadn’t trained in about 2 days, I know ” theyre bigger problems in the world than working out tyler”, I get it


I knew it needed to get done, and without a piece of gym equipment nearby, I scanned the room strategically and visually blueprinted my newfound training grounds which consisted of :

• Hotel balcony ledge pull ups 3 sets till failure ( slow and controlled) 

• I used the largest wall in the hotel room as a platform for performing against the wall handstand pushups usually 4 sets of 10-12 reps

• Explosive pushups 3 sets till failure

• Behind the back clapping pushups 3 sets till failure

• pistol squats 3 sets of 10 reps ( slow and controlled) each leg

• 2 sets of 2 minute planks

and occasionally muscleups 3 sets till failure if I could locate a pull up bar or if i was down by the beach

Most beaches, and ocean based cities usually contain some sort of physical equipment near or around the beach that you can use to your advanaage

My good friend ( pictured below) is extraordinarily strong from a weight to power distribution, and we were lucky The santa Monica beach provided olympic rings
at our disposal to further enhance our workout while traveling 

kevin bull

Additional  items that can be used at your convenience include:

Two chairs brought together for doing dips

any wall for handstand pushups

open bars, ledges or tree branches that offer space to perform a variety of pull-ups and muscle ups

stools, chairs, beds, ledges and anything else that will allow for an incline pushup position for further resistance

to my surprise, I still remained full, energetic, strong on every lift , and upon returning home I didn’t look flat, lose weight, or otherwise drop off of my normal look

Obviously, solely relying on this routine isn’t going to remain  as optimal as what a gym and appropriate weights can provide,

but given the limitations on how much you can use with your body, you simply increase the reps to compensate for the lack of weight you cant add

voila a structured routine that can be taken anywhere, anytime and provide the clarity of mind you as a gym goer needs to feel satisfied with while traveling, and without really setting you back in terms of body composition and strength

I’ve gone even so much as to making a tree my training grounds, YES A TREE, for about 30 minutes I was doing muscle ups, pull ups, and various grips for chin ups and received a very noteworthy training session.

So I conclude you don’t necessarily need gym equipment, you just need creativity, your body, and access to the worlds functional training grounds 🙂

To you and your success,