Let’s face it, bulking and cutting is miserable, sometimes highly ineffective, and from what most research has shown shoveling in more calories past maintenance or a little over in an attempt to get more progress does absolutely nothing more for you to build muscle. Most of the time people don’t even have the mental adherence to stick to a reasonable surplus, leading to fat gain, horrible nutrient partitioning, bad biomarkers of health, and a far fatter version of themselves then they originally wanted.

The misconception holds especially strong when people Avert all of their focus to the food aspect of building muscle while strongly forgetting to keep introducing progressive overload into their routine. Leading to excess calories that aren’t fueling new growth, but rather fat cells leading to even worse body composition. let me be abundantly clear here, this will offend some people, this may defy most of the typical bodybuilding logic, but the truth is bulking is extinct to me. Why? Because simply having to eat a ridiculous amount of food past maintenance to feel like you’re going to magically begin growing lean muscle tissue is completely unnecessary and counterproductive. As a natural what’s most shockingly impressive is a low body fat level coupled with phenomenal strength and superior athleticism, also known as relative strength.

When you keep your body fat level in the ideal range for what’s
mostly considered optimally lean without the setbacks of hormonal disruption, cortisol and atrophy ie 7-10 % body fat for a male, you can take advantage of many positive hormonal responses for instance: insulin sensitivity and glut4 ( the uptake of glucose into skeletal muscle) is vastly improved when your body fat is within ideal levels. This allows for greater usage of carbohydrates being stored as glycogen as oppose to adipose tissue. Testosterone is also higher and improved when an individual is within the ideal range for being lean as well as having an optimal endocrine system. but when there is excess body fat, there’s more estrogen and when there’s more estrogen testosterone is lower and any test that does get produced has chances of aromatization.
You’re face is going to look amazing, within the 7-10 percent body fat range. you’re going to have a very prominent jawline and facial features due to reduction in bf around the face almost as if Michael Angelo carved your jawline himself. as well as looking phenomenal and proportionate in just about any kind of clothes you decide to rock. The possibilities are endless, and the opportunity is in your favor.

I myself have gone from 164 lbs 8 percent body fat, to 171lbs 7 percent body fat all while increasing my lifts, eating at maintenance on training days, and eating a slight caloric deficit on rest days, within a years time. This could only mean one thing: lean mass gains! This may not seem like a lot but believe me it is, especially when it goes to the right areas like your upper chest, shoulders and back. “But this goes against everything iv been taught,” well unless I’m an absolute anomaly, which I’m not, then this proves possible. I have known many people who’ve accomplished the same. They enjoy every step of the way because they’re in the present moment With the process and enjoyment of seeing small changes take place with their bodies. If they can do it ( myself included) then it’s no doubt you can as well. It just takes time, patience, smart training, and dieting. If you can find an eating template you can enjoyably adhere to, a routine that gets you motivated to train and keep getting stronger, and a little caloric cycling you’ve got this in the bag 🙂

The thing I love most about staying lean year round is being fit for business anytime it calls. Do you know how awesome it feels to have the body you worked damn hard for be presentable each and every year because you didn’t abide by the misconception that bulking has to be done to get it in the first place? Really awesome. Whether it’s going to the beach, attending a pool party, wearing a suit, or being ready for a shoot. There is no longer anxiety knowing you’re months off from your goal physique. you can now sleep good at night knowing that having to put on excess weight to build muscle and get ripped is a thing of the past. We can successfully manipulate calorie cycling on our off and training days to maximize fat burning, and enhance anabolism for a great balance in both body fat and musculature.

Ps: you just got to enjoy the process every step of the way, go into every workout feeling good, proud and determined knowing you’re that much closer to the physique you deserve, especially with the closure up above. Aim for short term goals that lead to very large long term goals. When you’re present, new enjoyment emerges and you’re no longer distracted by the future. You’re able to divert your subconscious to a whole different level of being and focus, cheers!