Here at Style with strength  I’m all about helping you achieve a natural lean “Hollywood” type physique, this comes with achieving just the right amount of muscle in the right areas proportionately, improving your health, and achieving a physique that can be maintained year round that looks good in and out of clothing. If you’re looking to partake in a typical mass building routine and get as big as possible, you’re simply in the wrong place. 

It’s clearly obvious that at one point or another we’ve aspired to achieve the body of one of our favorite actors physiques. Wether it was Christian bale in American psycho, Pitt in fight club, or Daniel Craig in 007. It makes sense because we can use these Hollywood actors as motivation and provide a similar visual in our minds as to how we want to look when we’re in the gym training, but The complexity of achieving their specific look goes far beyond that, because what you don’t throughly realize is the assistant at their command, 24/7, around the clock.

You have to realize that when a contract is established for millions of dollars to play a specific role, you can believe extraordinary measures will be traveled to obtain the look required of that character to play. You’re going to be presenting a film to millions of people worldwide. Your work, life, blood sweat, tears, and pride are on the line.
I’m not hinting at steroid use for any of these actors. I would like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but don’t put it past you when such intense demands are requested by high end film produces, directors and Hollywood officials.

It’s easy to become naive, don’t

If you’re fully aware of the natural ability to build muscle, and just how long it takes, then I imagine you wouldn’t be fooled when a Hollywood actor gains 30+ pounds of pure muscle within 2-3 months time for a role. Even if this specific actor has some of them the most highly qualified personal trainers, nutritionists, and exercise specialists, there is no way physically possible to achieve that mass naturally without defying what’s achievable naturally by the use of enhancement.

Think about what I said up top. If these actors are being offered to play a role in a movie you know is going to kill the box office with success, and they’re offered millions of dollars to do so, and especially to do what they’ve worked hard to achieve their entire life, do you think they’ll turn it down because they can’t reach that specific look within a 3 month time frame? Hell no they won’t! They will more then likely resort to drastic measures to get there. This doesn’t just apply to gaining muscle, this goes for all sides of the spectrum, fat loss, muscle gain, weight gain, and becoming absolutely emaciated to get there.

Low and behold, around the clock assistance   
Of course, with the decision each of these consenting individuals make lies risk, which is why they have top notch, around the clock supervision by high ranked Physicians, nutritionists, and specialists there to attend to any drawbacks that may occur from these drastic choices. When a person of such importance is playing what ultimately determines the true effectiveness and success of the film, you better believe they’re receiving the full package.

Now look, I’m not here to give Hollywood, or actors a bad wrap in any sense of the word, and I respect everyone’s choice.  If it’s not
My body I’m not worried about it, plain and simple, but what I’m asking you to do is aware yourself the seriousness in the choices these people will make to ensure they meet the standard of what they’re being asked to play, this way you don’t have false expectations of what you can achieve when your favorite action hero claims they gained 25-30 pounds of solid, Dense, dry muscle eating chicken breast, broccoli, and brown rice 6 times a day. It’s just not possible.

If we lived in a world where everything appeared as it seems, I’m sure we would be a lot happier, but a lot of things occur behind closed doors and I simply want you to realize that 🙂 so you know what’s realistic and what’s not.
 Good news bad news, which do you want first? 
The bad news? You won’t be gaining 30 pounds of lean mass within a months time following a routine consisting of drop sets, 30 rep pec dec flies, and muscle confusion from an ancient routine discovered by a couple in Texas, as a natural which I presume you are, there is a sufficient route you can take to ensure a perfect balance of muscle is added to your frame enabling you to get stronger, leaner, and healthier than ever, while looking fantastic in clothing.

The good news? There are however a ton of actors who I’m sure are natural, and rock the dense lean Hollywood physique that’s highly achievable. I’m a huge proponent of this look and is what I strongly advocate all my clients and friends to aspire to achieve, not only is it realistic, but it’s achievable, easy to maintain year round, and you get to fit freshly  into that tailored suit you’ve been eyeing;) oh, and best of all!? It’s easy to blend as a lifestyle! That’s most important with any effective program.
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