Have you ever followed your diet to an absolute t, performed all the cardio in the world, and did everything correctly only to look in the mirror and have it appear that you’ve made no progress at all, and maybe gotten even a little fatter in the process?

This is without a doubt water retention caught within the subcutaneous not fat ( adipose tissue). Although your body is in fact burning fat, it doesn’t appear so due to all the water you’re holding.There are several reasons this occurs. You’re not alone in this Nuisance of a problem. Thankfully I have monitored specifically when and how I retain water when I diet, exercise, or lift weights and have found a few solid solutions that work wonders for flushing that excess water blurring your hard earned work.

Watch your sodium intake 
This should be a no brainer, if you’re used to a lower sodium intake, and suddenly gorge on the salt, you’re bound to retain water. It’s one of the mechanisms of salt. My father was in the military, and in the jungle they used to suck on salt cubes to retain water so they didn’t lose excess fluids and electrolytes. Look throughout your diet, it should be obvious where all of it is coming from.

This is a strange phenomenon, but when I get an adequate fiber intake, my skin appears tighter, dryer, and much healthier. Especially around my abdomen where people report the biggest problem with water retention. A good start for men is 25g. Aside from keeping your gut and microflora healthy, this could be a solution if you haven’t been getting enough in your diet.

Lay off the Cardio 
I’ve had my fair share of excessive cardio in my day as an overly paranoid tool I thought I had to do to lose fat. ( thank god I snapped out of it) excessive cardio has been known to over stimulate cortisol, and tamper with aldosteron causing fluid balance to be thrown out of whack. I would suggest going for a walk, or simply briskly walking to see if the problem subsides. Intense cardio, particularly high intensity interval training can add fuel to the fire.

Consider a refeed
Dieting alone can raise cortisol the same way excessive cardio can. Essentially your body doesn’t want to diet, achieving elite levels of body fat is not something your body is wants believe it or not. Extremely low levels of muscular glycogen combined with anaerobic  training can stimulate excessive cortisol causing fluid retention. Consider a refeed by raising your carbohydrate intake according to your goal. 1-3 grams per pound of body weight seems to be sufficient. Plus, you’ll probably get a big boost in strength in the gym, and a raise in free testosterone.

This is as cliche as the next guy telling you he wants to be a millionaire. Consuming an adequate water intake will result in aiding your body in releasing excess fluids. The less water you consume, the more dehydrated you become, the more water you hold. The body performs these mechanisms for a reason. Make sure to stay properly hydrated.


dandelion root is a safe and natural alternative to hardcore diuretics. It can safely help you shed excess water, and you’ll be peeing like crazy.

green tea is another really great alternative as a diuretic. You reap the benefits of the antioxidants and polyphenols while supporting the flushing of water.

Black coffee, or caffeine.
Caffeine is another highly potent diuretic that works wonders in relieving you of excess fluid, but be warned, caffeine is very effective at raising Cortisol levels itself, which could add to the problem.

If you’re having continuous problems with water Retention, even after following your diet and training protocol to perfection, give these solutions I offered a try, it may just be what you’ve been needing.