I believe the ability to find success by discovering your values is so strong

I’ve decided to entail the consequences of forgetting them, and the advantages of finding them

We live in a world where we immediately become desensitized to the true recognition of self.

Our generation is has grown accustomed to surface level satisfaction without the addition of recognizing values and their dramatic impact they make on your happiness, success, and overall well
Being of life.

We immediately relate happiness to Instagram likes, status, career, car, house, and anything else that can be taken Away in an instant. This type of behavior is a result of losing track of who you are as an individual and the values you hold.

– ” no matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, how big your bank account is, our graves will be the same size, stay humble”

A very blunt quote, but dare you deny its truth?

Values stand for the respect, character, and qualities you want to present to the world, as well as how you want to be seen by the world as well.

A lot of people are without a doubt caught in the trap of receiving false reward through inanimate objects of zero satisfaction except a road of complete let down. Sure you may be enjoying the process of vanity, status, and a grand old
Time, but what’s a grand old time when you lose track of who you are as an individual?

durden jobValues correlate with happiness

and self satisfaction regardless of the situation. When you’re content with your self, and more importantly your worth, location just becomes a place, and your success is carried with you everywhere.

This comes with remaining absolutely genuine on any journey you may embark, it’s the realistic nature of never giving up
Your character for materialism on any given circumstance.

But.. This happens on many occasions inevitably. Folks everywhere will eventually walk a path of absolute desolation. The brief reward will be items of no weight, a status of soon departure, and a world of loneliness.

Think about this: some of the worlds largest celebrities, businessmen, musicians, and actors appear to be some of the most depressive, unappreciative groups of people around, why you ask? Because they HAVE everything.

They can travel, eat, buy, and do absolutely anything at anytime, thus desensitization starts to begin, values become non existent, and the only way to refuel the pleasure they once had is to keep Digging deeper in this rut of setbacks.

Drugs, alcoholism, manic shopping, and intense addictions are a result of some the extreme measures those who lose track of themselves resort too to make up for the lack of disbelief in their lives.

On the other end of the spectrum, well collected, genuine people, who appreciate their craft rarely run into these issues, if ever at all. Their ability to Identify who they truly intend to represent themselves as is strong.

The desire to boast, flaunt, or show the world qualities of no weight is non existent, instead they can provide their character with zero remorse to anyone who dislikes, disapproves, or turns them down because of how well resonated their values are within themselves.

Hence why most professionals with the upmost respect for their being have no desire to brag.

They let their success make the noise, as oppose to having to shove it down the throats of weak minded Individuals for some sort of acceptance.

There are over a dozen self reflection, self awareness, and consciousness awakening books like Eckhart Tolle’s the power of now, and a new earth, however a book only has so much power in allowing you to apply these principles of meaning in your life.

At the end of the day, you need to be the determining factor in recognizing your values.

Once you become aligned with you who are as a unique individual, I guarantee you’ll walk with your head higher, your life brighter, and anyone around you will catch onto this newfound energy and won’t be able to help wanting to be around you. You’ll essentially be contagious.

All of the darkest anxiety, depression, or negative thinking you’ve ever experienced will vanish and it’ll set you free, but it all starts with discovering your truest values first.