The controversy that invades the fitness realm is never ending and destructive leaving crowds of people in a clouded haze of just what the hell to follow.Through my years of dieting and training iv always had a fascination with the multiple approaches of dietary adherence ,mainly because not just one appealed to me, but the many approaches touted by those who found success in them did. 

I loved the concepts people implemented to reach their goals, but What one approach offered, the other didn’t. There was never a wholesome balance to just one plan, if one had certain pros, it filled with holes of many cons. It got me thinking that there must be a way to reap the many benefits of all these infamous templates, and that led me to the hybrid approach: 

What in the heck is the hybrid approach?


The hybrid approach coined by my standards is the combination of the best of both worlds. It takes applicable templates from all spectrums of dietary adherence and combines them in a synergistic manner to give us a plan with variety, lenience, and enjoyment without feeling like a soul sucked slave to 8 cans of tupperware and a hunger that makes you feel like an emaciated female physique competitor ( sorry) but not really. You see, Each plan has its own individuality of success, but when that he or she, or he-she is forced to stick to one template the pressure to follow it to a t lessons, and they’re more then likely to yo-yo, forget their numbers, and play russian roulette with their diet in a vicious cycle taking them further and further behind.

This led me to the realization that I loved the pros each dietary style offered, so why not combine them to fill those cons I called holes earlier? I love the freedom of knowing the irrelevance of meal timing within the eating window of intermittent fasting, but i didn’t really enjoy skipping breakfast, I thoroughly enjoyed the mental break iifym gave dieters to really just relax , and focus on numbers as the holy grail of body composition change as oppose to acting like a lunatic neo nazi nut with their food choices, and enjoying a treat if it fit their macros, I dug that regular feedings could still take me to my overall goal and provide results,I had a great time with a protein and fat only breakfast ( meat and nut) for providing a steady release in blood sugar and allowing more fatty acids to be oxidized without the interference of insulin making me tired and unmotivated, and I absolutely love the template of caveman style foods, and cutting out processed bullshit, gluten, trans fats, and every other disgusting man made additiive that wreaks havoc on our endocrine profile, immune system, and overall biomarkers of health. Still the holy grail of improving biomarkers of health, reaching your goal, shedding fat, and living as healthily as possible lies in a majority of your food choices, and a calorie deficit, the law of thermodynamics must not be denied.

So, how do I go about incorporating the hybrid approach ?

With the combined templates we can rest peacefully knowing we can embark on either decision ,as long as we hit our targeted numbers for our specific goals.Morning comes around, and you’re not hungry? no problem, intermittently fast, enjoy the freedom of knowing you don’t need to eat to ensure your muscles don’t fall off. You can savor every moment of freedom without timing restrictions and know you’ll be okay. Feeling ravenous upon wakening? have it at with a high protein, high fat breakfast approach, or add in some starch to refill glycogen from an overnight fast to prepare you for training. Want to skip breakfast lunch and dinner? Eat stop eat is available for ya. The point of this article is to inform the newcomer that every approach works to some degree, and all templates can be combined to your liking to ensure total adherence, enjoyment, and freedom of restrictions.

Furthermore, My favorite dietary implementation is macronutrient manipulation aka higher calories, lower fat, higher carbs on training days, and lower carb higher fat , and lower calories on rest days. From a outside standpoint this is perfectly logical, because rest days don’t require the use of carbohydrates at rest, this is fueled mostly by fatty acids, and since high intensity anaerobic training can only be fueled by carbohydrates and stored glycogen, it works to the users advantage as a very strategic protocol.

Its not just about the diet! say hello to myofibilar hypertrophy 

Lastly, This would all only work in a perfect world, the type of training you perform is also highly responsible for how you end up looking. when incorporating any approach, specifically this hybrid approach to lose fat, Maintain your strength, or aim to increase it, this way you won’t lose any muscle, and you might even gain some in the process. Keep all of your lifts up, obviously a calorie deficit needs to be present, but the way you train and what you train for will yield the greatest results. True muscle tone In physiology, medicine, and anatomy, muscle tone (residual muscle tension or tonus) is the continuous and passive contraction of the muscles or the muscle’s resistance to passive stretch during resting state.

it’s not just about progressive overload, and breaking down muscle tissue with heavier and heavier weight, how you display that muscle and how hard you can contract it is just as vitally important. There is a lot of neural activity involved in biomechanics and performing harder and harder contractions with positive neural feedback will yield what most could call ” density” where you look partially flexed, even in a relaxed state. Two of my favorite fitness authors Rusty Moore and Pavel tsatsouline speak specifically on this same subject. Training simply for hypertrophy with progressive overload never did it for me, it wasn’t until I understood myofibilar hypertrophy, the specific muscle tissue involved in rep ranges, (2-6 mostly) and the neural activity involved in training that I was able to build my body the way I wanted it.

With your newly found freedom of the hybrid approach, you no longer have to worry about abiding to one specific protocol, you can incorporate many, especially the ones that fit the convenience of your day to day life as long as you hit your macronutrient numbers suited to your goals. This the exact protocol iv used to maintain and improve my condition, strength, and muscle year round without any added stress, and a clear set path to my goals, cheers