I’ll admit it, if there’s a few things I’ve done wrong from the beginning, it was transforming my physique and attempting to reach my fitness goals. Like many of you, we’ve probably shared the same goal at one point or another, oh you know.. Sixpack abs, solid pecs, great strength,and low body fat levels. Whether it was to impress the ladies, gain some confidence, improve health, or simply for yourself, we’ve shared the same goal at one fine point or another. Problems arise when we view a goal and pursue it in a very obsessive uncontrollable manner without realizing that we aren’t taking sufficient steps getting there. This, of course leads us on a blind journey towards something we really don’t know the outcome of. For me that was trying to progress and change my body for the better. You see when I first started out I wanted it all immediately, I didn’t understand the virtue of patience, and I damn sure didn’t realize that it played such a significant role in improving body composition. I was eager, young, impatient, and hungry ( pun intended) I needed it right there and then and I was willing to put my body through unmeasurable circumstances to get the physique I so longly desired.

This came with what I still call a “grueling obsession” .I was uneducated, uniformed and didn’t understand anything having to do with the technicality of bio mechanics and macronutrients.
I immediately incorporated running as my first stepping stone towards shedding the fat, I thought that was it was absolutely mandatory that 5-6 45 minute running sessions were essential to rocking my low body fat level or else I accumulate adipose tissue. Without any understanding of thermodynamics and calorie deficits I immediately began a road towards an unhealthy obsession. The second step in the equation was my weight training routine, which consisted of high rep pump split madness, every exercise was done using 15-20 reps without a single clue of what progressive overloading was. Each lift was finished with the thought that the pump was sufficient in stimulating muscle fibers, hoping that with due time this would be the key to getting that dense, shredded look ” high reps for tone” right? Wrong. Tracking my progress was non existent, as well as tracking my macros. I followed the flawed rule that one could just rely on healthy eating and be prime for the rest of life. I didn’t understand the hormonal impact food made on the endocrine system and recovery.

Well 6 months passed and the outcome? I was ripped, but I was malnourished, tired, smaller, and weaker then I had ever been in my life, but I thought this was the route one had to pursue in order to qualify in the category of ” ripped”.I just didn’t piece together factual and productive steps that were applicable for incorporating this as my lifestyle. Instead, I convinced myself I had to turn something great into something treacherous in order to reap the benefits of it. My perception of what needed to be done was highly flawed, until I started reading and educating myself, specifically in the area of biomechanics, physiology, chemistry, and kinesiology.

I needed to know the molecular response the body made in training and nutrition,best of all I needed to know what worked in a natural setting for a natural trainee,so I set forth and began reading and reading and reading. I came across articles from Lyle McDonald, Rusty Moore, Stuart Mcrobert, Pavel Tsatsouline, and Nate miyaki.
It was then that I knew the body I wanted could be achieved in a much more effective and strategic manner without destroying my hormones, dealing with the physical and psychological drawbacks of a good thing gone wrong.

If I was theoretically given a time machine to go back to know then what I know now and change the major mistakes I made, would I? It’s a tough decision because I believe mistakes make us who we are, failure teaches us to recreate and come back stronger then our former selves, but if I did I would’ve implemented the major components to an awesome body. I would’ve started with tracking my progress on all the lifts I consider ideal for the body I’m aiming for by logging each workout into my phone via reps, sets, intensity and my overall feeling from that training session. I would’ve added small increments to the bar or lifts weekly, breaking my own personal records for progressively heavier and heavier lifts. Macros would’ve been tracked down to a T until I had a familiar relationship with the foods that went into my mouth. Cardio is personal preference, but I wouldn’t have performed any in the sense that if it wasn’t done, I would accumulate fat, instead I would’ve used it as a tool to burn additional calories and increase my deficit. strategic caloric and macronutrient cycling would have been used on my training and rest days to successfully recomp in a slow progressive manner without adding body fat.

Most importantIy I would’ve relaxed and understood that this is a lifestyle, and something so important incorporated as a lifestyle doesn’t have a time limit. There is no rush to building the body of your dreams only set steps that are relevant to your goals. These small steps allow us to know that we are effectively crushing weekly obstacles that will ultimately lead us to the biggest goals we have.The following list of corrections I stated above are some of the greatest changes iv made that I still follow to this day. It’s what’s responsible for the body I have built, and I’m incredibly thankful I made those mistakes to teach myself the greatest corrections I’ve made in this awesome, yet sometimes flawed chase towards physique enhancement.