The definitive guide to the fight club style physique

You can browse hundreds of websites offering what they think will get you the true physique of Brad Pitt in fight club,

or they’ll claim it was the exact protocol he used to get the wiry fighter style physique he was rocking as Tyler Durden, but I’m here to tell you that this advice is simply misguided.

First off, the weight training routine never matches what’s truly applicable to actually obtaining a physique like that. It usually
Consists of 50 different exercises and thousands of reps, which by now if you’re an avid reader, should understand that this is nonsensical.

obtaining muscle is a process of progressive overload and obviously dietary factors, but to put it simply, a pump and dump routine won’t suffice for a true Tyler durden physique like what’s touted all around the web.

Secondly, the over exaggerated diet usually starts off with: brown rice, 25 egg whites, lean meat, vegetables, banana protein shake, tuna with pita bread spread out 6 times a day and a list of others.
These foods are fine, but the explanation of how they truly worked in his favor is far too minuscule to understand for the average gym goer,


aka no one ever mentions the significant simplicity a Calorie deficit will play in getting that peeled look regardless of the type of food ( no I’m not giving iifym’s credit)

A lot of guys truly aspire to get that slender, leaner, slightly smaller musculature that’s rocked in the movie, and I totally get it! Most dudes striving get to prs, chasing endless amounts of mass, or simply desiring to get as big as possible will never understand it.

You look downright fitted in clothing, it’s relatively easy to maintain, and you look like a demigod without a shirt, and best of all you always have very defined facial aesthetics at this type of body fat level

Also Brad Pitt truly put into perspective and spread the popularity of the ”
Hollywood style physique” that plagues the nation of men that want to achieve this physique so bad.

So, if you’re one of the many who truly wants to know the process of getting there, I’ll explain in fine detail below

When it comes to the training, you can just go ahead and forget about ever touching the pec-deck again. The absurdity of performing 4 sets of 25 reps to bring you close to a physique of this stature is simply erroneous, yet people still
Buy into it.

If we look at his physique specifically
The upper chest, shoulders, and upper back are the most developed in a finely balanced manner.

From here on out we can pretty much gather that the point of his stature was to resemble a nimble fighter,
and if you’ve seen any professional fighters upon making weight, they always have developed Deltoids, back, and upper chests,with extremely ripped abs, this is due mainly in part from training so frequently, but it’s also from dieting down to make that weight, which results in a very conditioned looking individual.


Instead of training like a “fighter” we’re gonna use good old
Fashioned weight training and a handy dandy calorie deficit to achieve, if not surpass the look of a typical fighter without having to partake in the exhausting amount of work they do.

The Training

an emphasis on incline dumbbell pressing, incline flyes, or incline barbell should be the largest focus for any kind of chest development.

Progressive resistance on these lifts will really allow you to build a square set of masculine pecs that meet together down the clavicle for a look that can’t be beaten.

Rows and weighted chins/ pull ups should be staples for developing your back to get this look, especially to properly to
Obtain a v taper, personally this compliments the entire look, and most people are unaware how good developing the back looks since they can’t see it being trained

Last and certainly least to achieve this simple, yet seemingly complex physique are the shoulders.

Military pressing is a definite option. Getting strong on this lift will ensure adequate balance of the Deltoids growth. Many will claim you only get front delt work with this lift and that incline pressing will suffice, but it’s simply not true. If you want fully developed shoulders, military press!

Side laterals and rear delt raises

These two should always coexist for finally adding the cherry on the top of your shoulder game. The rear delt will inevitably get hit through rowing,but supplementing this exercise will pay off tend fold, and the medial delt is virtually untouched, therefore lateral raises play an integral role in developing capped delts for this reason.

You may be wondering why I didn’t include any direct arm work, and the reason being is doing too much arm training will
Take away from the look, and in some instances make the shoulders look weak in comparison by overdeveloping the biceps and triceps.

Granted, if you lack arm size and it’s truly
Not up to pare you can include some tricep extensions, close grip bench press, and standing barbell curls.

But You’ll be getting plenty of arm work to receive balance by getting stronger on the three mentioned lifts above, resulting in an outstanding physique, especially in a slight, or aggressive calorie deficit.

If we look at Pitts physique from afar, well immediately notice the upper chest development, well
Build Deltoids, a prominent v taper, and very chiseled abs, and best of all a fine balance that truly displays the ” lean Hollywood physique”
durden fight

Cardio: the good, the bad, and sometimes just really ineffective

There are specific occasions in which cardio will not help you achieve this physique.

1. By overtraining yourself in hopes to speed up fat loss, increasing cortisol, and stressing you out

2. By inhibiting the recovery process disabling you from keeping your strength up in the gym to maintain, or gain sufficient musculature

However, there are instances where it will assist you

1. Burning more calories to aid the fat loss process and increase your calorie deficit

2. Keep you conditioned, improve cardiovascular health,

3. Remove stubborn fat

If you’re going to incorporate cardio to any degree

Perform a brisk walk, or incorporate hiit a few times a week. I shouldn’t have to tell you why at this point.


How aggressive you want to get there is entirely up to you and your tolerance for dieting. Me, personally I can diet on severely low calories and be just fine,

however for most, a moderate calorie deficit will be enough, it may just take longer.

A mildly accurate measurement is to take your goal body weight and multiply it by 10-12 to get your overall caloric intake then

arrange a macronutrient ratio to your liking from it, with protein coming first, fat second, and the rest carbs. This is a fairly aggressive approach, but I love it.

Lastly, for those of you wondering what the hell is gonna happen to your physique training for strength in a caloric deficit

A. You’re going to become shredded, proportioned, and look damn right good

B. You may even be surprised to learn that you’re gaining lean mass, depending on how intense the deficit is.

C. if you stick to this template depending on body fat percentage idealy 10-12 you’ll
wind up extremely lean

D. I know this because Tyler knows this

So, if the Tyler Durden physique sparks your interest and you’ve always wanted to get there, this approach will inevitably do so.

I can ensure you it makes the former articles pale in comparison in terms of realistically achieving it.

To you and your success,