When you hear the word ” adrenal fatigue” what comes to mind? Usually nothing because most people are never fully aware that their adrenal glands might be taking a toll they didn’t expect. As well as modern medicine just doesn’t take it as serious as we should be taking it. The best place to start is with that lovely catabolic hormone cortisol. Most tests only test for cortisol in the mouth using a cotton swab aka a highly inaccurate way of doing so. It needs to be done using a holistic blood test,meaning your primary care physician more then likely overlooked the issue. Constant and uncontrolled stress, heavy caffeine abuse ie stimulants and pre workout concoctions, environmental factors, overtraining, poor diet, and sleep deprivation all contribute to poor Adrenal gland function and overstimulation of cortisol overtime. 

When your adrenals fail to respond to the constant pounding of stress uncontrolled amounts of adrenaline and cortisol get dumped to compensate sending you on a flight or fight frenzy, as well as raising excitatory neurotransmitters, a sort of wired tired feeling if you will. When this happens insomnia sets in, irritability is sky high, you fail to recover from workouts ( as its a another natural stressor added to your body and day) water retention, cravings for food increases, thyroid hormones can get tampered with and you just feel lousy overall. 

Now you might be asking yourself ” do I have poor adrenal health?” Well look for the signs, they’re more then likely overlooked and I thoroughly believe we should be monitoring our adrenals as closely as we do our own health.  The most consistent link to poor Adrenal health is stimulants. Marketing for caffeine use is in every way as rampant as candy in willy wonkas chocolate factory. Surely they’re benefits to caffeine, but with every good thing comes a price, and that price comes with the abuse of caffeine when you’re drinking a damn pot of coffee in the morning every morning as well as losing your shit to every little situation life throws at you. 

alas there are many steps you can take in ensuring your adrenal glands stay functioning properly and thrive in an optimum state. 
Let me introduce you to my good friend: Rhodiola. Rhodiola has been used for centuries as a rejuvenating tonic, as well as a profoundly effective adaptogen and nourishing herb for the adrenals, this wonder herb has the ability to cut cortisol in half, preserve and even increase dopamine and serotonin while helping and assisting your body make atp Under extremely stressful conditions. Rhodiola up regulates the immune system, gives you energy and even acts as a cortisol balancing agent to increase it when it’s low, and raise it when it’s high. A definite super herb in my book and a golden key for adrenal nourishment. 

Lifestyle factors also need to be taken into account. Like getting sixpack abs, and dr oz’s poor marketing gimmicks you can’t just take a pill and expect to get results that would be ludicrous and life would be too easy. Many variables need to be applied in all areas of life, this is one of them. Learn not to get so stressed out about such small incidents and you’ll find yourself on a quick route to less stress and a step closer to healed adrenals, there’s a quote I love by eckhart tolle it goes ” unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it” this holds true in so Many Ways and if you presently apply it to some of your most stressful situations I guarantee you’ll feel a bit of relief wash over you. 

Getting essential nutrients and minerals  through a balanced diet as well as a multivitamin/ mineral complex is probably a good idea during this stage. omega 3 fish oils ( I prefer karlson, life extension omega caps, or Nordic naturals oil) a good magnesium glycinate supplement, vitamin d3, a worthy b complex, vitamin c and Rhodiola will do the trick in assisting you through healing your adrenal glands. These are all supplements that synergistically work together to create a good environment for your adrenal glands, in fact vitamin c is usually heavily depleted through adrenal stress making this vitamin somewhat mandatory at this point. 

Go easy on the coffee, amigo. No need to to try to get a dopamine storm going, I’m not telling you to give up your cup of joe but to make sure it doesn’t become a reliance to get you through your day,because eventually you’ll need two cups, then three, then four. This overtime wears your adrenals out. if you need to,
Opt for some green tea and 200-500mg of Rhodiola extract with at least 15% rosavins until your dependence on coffee lessens. Monitor your training intensity in the gym, yes I’m aware we all need progressive overload to grow our godlike aesthetics and avoid plateaus, but constant poundage is just like any other stressor we come into contact with. watch closely to how you recover and react from it, if it’s taking its toll, back off to 3 days per week, and do nothing but light walking the following days. relax you won’t turn into Trevor renzik from the machinist with no muscle, you’ll actually find you feel heaps better when you return to reap yourself some prs on weighed chins. Make it a point to achieve deep rem sleep for 7-8 hours nightly. sleep is a wonderful and magical thing we get to do, yet it’s often overlooked and under appreciated, take advantage of it. Hormonally, mentally and physically you’re going to feel ten fold better when getting optimal deep
Sleep. As a wrap up for the initial steps you want to take in correcting adrenal fatigue Follow these steps and you’re on the straight and narrow for healthy adrenal glands, adrenal function, and optimal health, 

1. Manage stress 
2. Lower caffeine intake 
3. 8-9 hours of deep quality sleep
4. Mentioned nutrients and multivitamin complex. 
5. Avoid overtraining
6. Introduce a balanced diet of quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, and quality fats, as well as fiber packed vegetables for additional micronutrients. 

, cheers