Before starting Tyler’s plan I had tried various diets and other plans. None of them seem to fit my schedule or life style. After starting his insanely easy plan I was able to burn fat and build lean dense muscle. It’s literally the easiest plan to follow, it never leaves you feeling hungry or unsatisfied. Big meals, big portions, and most of all you feel the difference. I continue to follow the diet plan to this day and it lets me live my life and still be able to maintain the lean physique that I’ve always wanted. Not only am I leaner than I’ve ever been, but I’m still able to go out and enjoy my life like a regular person. Tyler has helped me realize that you don’t have to carry around meals with you, eat 6 portions a day, or live in the gym. 




When i started working with tyler i was a solid 260 pounds, now close to six months later and 50+ pounds lighter i can honestly admit i made the right choice when i contacted Tyler for coaching purposes.No matter how you look at it, losing weight will always be a struggle, but Tylers diet and workout approach made this struggle as enjoyable as possible. I was able to lose 50+ pounds while maintaining my hard earned muscle mass and strength and even gaining some strength in my weak areas. Tylers “Lifestyle” approach of working out and dieting worked formidable to say the least. Now a couple of weeks after working with Tyler i’m still applying the principles he taught me during the coaching process, these principles being: packing on muscle in “strategic areas” and “lifestyle dieting”. Tyler preaches the idea of “utilizing fitness as a tool to enriching your life” instead of “having your life consumed by fitness”, an idea i’ll personally be utilizing the rest of my life. – Bart



I started lifting properly just about 5 years ago. By properly I mean with the goal of just adding muscle to the right areas and I felt this was all it took to get that ideal Hollywood look paying no regard to diet except being a total “bro”. A year after I began my journey of proper lifting, I began counting my calories and that’s when my body actually started to change. Unfortunately, I was all up in hype of body composition only depending on calories in and out. That was true to a certain extent but I didn’t know which macro nutrient breakdown was by goal until about 4 years later. So for that time period, I was yo-yo dieting like a madman, jumping from diet to diet but keeping my workouts consistent.

Then I came across Tyler and his principles and began following the free advice he practically gave out on his Instagram page. This is when I started to see the changes coming in, however still not what I wanted and I felt like shit throughout the day because I didn’t know what macro splits to emphasize as the day progressed.





Finally, about 3-4 months ago, I decided to contact Tyler and this guy legit changed my view on the specific diet he put me on. I was so skeptical at first, worrying about feeling like roadkill. I was wrong. He gave me a new workout protocol (which I prefer over my original 3 day a week RPT focussed protocol) which I can use as frequently as I wish without risk of overtraining. With the diet and training protocol he gave me, I dropped the last 5-6lbs of stubborn body fat I had wanted to lose (still losing fat and building strength currently as there is always room for improvement) but my journey is just beginning. I also have a ton of clear mental energy throughout the day without feeling like crap, I wake up with a raging boner every morning, my libido is probably at its peak currently and I look pretty fucking good (not being cocky, just observant).

All this can be (and has been) done while I’m currently studying 7 days a week as a student physician, and working on the weekends as well as still having a very good social life and being in a relationship (believe it or not, it’s possible to actually take care of yourself when you’re with someone, crazy right?). All in all, thank you Tyler, you’re the real MVP, literally changed my view on fitness and provided me with a lifestyle change that I can sustain and not feel deprived! Tyler is the prime coach if your goal is to look good as fuck and still have a life. I wouldn’t sit here typing this if I didn’t completely believe in his training and diet principles. I hate writing.

Thanks again ma man,

Guillermo Del Campo