Unless you’re a UFC fighter holding a match in the octagon, a guido from jersey shore, or stuck in the early 2000s you don’t belong wearing board shorts period. Board Shorts are highly unbecoming and do not compliment your hard earned physique in any sense of the word. I know I’ll get heat for this, but I could care less, it’s my blog and I intend to post how I feel 🙂

When it comes to the typical board short it’s usually sported by guys with zero take on style, and a desire to represent ” bro” in every sense of the word. These shorts are usually completed with accessories such as ridiculously shaped spy glasses, horrible tattoos, and the class of a hill billy, don’t be that guy, and damn sure don’t look like that guy.

Instead consider investing in a high quality fitted pair of swim trunks. These have never gone out of style and they compliment your physique indefinitely. When choosing shorts of this style it’s important to get the fit down, choose a brand that’ll take the shorts just slightly above the knee, you clearly don’t want to be looking like you’re wearing Daisy Dukes. This style of swimming trunks looks especially fantastic if you’ve developed the vmo ( Vastus medilais) the lower leg muscle right above your knee. You want the shorts to fit well, and slightly hug your lower leg muscle ( just slightly)

This is personally a look accompanied by many movie stars and celebrities that know how to look GQ even while attending a casual day at the beach, pool party, event, or simply lounging out to catch a tan. Which ever the occasion, you can’t go wrong with this look, regardless. Now you may get some haters here and there making remarks why you’re rocking swim trunks that could possibly represent the 80’s, but don’t sweat it, you have style and taste they don’t.

The awesome thing about this style of shorts is many places that fit your budget now carry them. Hm, express, old navy, and target as cheap as 20 bucks. You can obviously purchase much higher quality from some designer names, but at a much steeper cost.
No longer will the summer scene be bombarded in a lack of style that screams ” douche” you can rest easy knowing you’ll be secure and looking damn good for the beach this summer.

The reality of it is board shorts are a terrible fashion statement. It should be tailored to your body type so it looks fresh, not huge, Baggy, and down to your ankles. This should apply to your entire wardrobe including your swim trunks. What’s the  point in reaching your hard earned physique goals only to cover it up with parachute shorts this Summer?

So do yourself a favor, toss your old board shorts in the trash, and start looking right for any event you attend this summer With a fresh pair of fitted shorts.