Procrastination hits a nerve like running down a hallway in Hogwarts with a megaphone screaming Voldemort.
We can just establish procrastination as the ” P” word.

Its the all seeing, all killing action that completely inhibits, destroys and holds us back. like a weed growing out of the crevice of your driveway, it begins to plant its roots deep in the cracks of your motivation, and at a finer level you’re absolute calling and passion in this very existence we commonly call ” Life” slowly begins to decay. 

Resistance is Procrastinations super villainous sidekick, and with lots in common of each other, it too wants to manifest itself according to your resistance to the things you absolutely love to do, and where your heart and that little voice inside it says ” just do it”

The more you put off what your soul truly desires the more fire power and strength resistance conjures, We have to naturally identify, analyze, and be entirely aware of resistances detrimental effects and its corrosive powers it has on our passion. 

Its that sinister voice that whispers with every attempt of action

something like 

•You can do it tomorrow 

• I’m too tired 

• I’ve got all day 

• what if I fail? 

Quite frankly I’m sick of that and today is the day you and I stand up and tell it enough is enough. 

its the bullshit excuse you keep telling yourself every single day as to why you can’t achieve, conquer, or obtain the life you know is deeply embedded in your hearts calling.

Ive felt these effects firsthand, and I can say its been the most poisonous, volatile, self inflicting pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life, and i sincerely wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. like trying to reason with maddened gunmen, resistance doesn’t care, understand, or wish to change its course of action.

its pathological in its venture, and there is no cerebral reasoning of it. its only desire is to harm and prevent you from taking action in the pursuit of your truest calling here on good ol’ Planet earth. It was as if a veil of darkness sat over me constantly.

dark fiorest

” Last year misery, despair, pity self loathing all because I couldn’t recognize the wolf in sheeps clothing” 

It isn’t until you face it head on and tell yourself enough is enough that you’ll even have the slightest of chance defeating it, like the grim reaper waiting to take you in, it’ll be around every corner as a silhouette feeding off your fear of inaction and growing larger as each passing day or lame ass excuse of ” tomorrow will be best” occurs. 

I absolutely love writing, its what frees my mind from the mental clutter that gets build up in the chaotic world around us, like meditation, it serves its purpose as inner tensional release and subjective well being by documenting exactly what goes through my mind, and how I feel amongst a particular subject. But guess what?

Just as resistance lies around each corner, its grasp steadily and willingly growing stronger to each rejection of things I know i should do and putting me in its clutches, thus hauling me away from the one of many things I enjoy: Writing.

There is the creation of a falsified boogyman, and its name is fear, its those dreadful lies, and downright malicious thoughts that cloud your vision, its creation is almost instant and its YOUR doing because YOU allow it to. 

I call it the ” Terror Trio”

1. procrastination

2. Resistance 

3. Fear 

These three work synergistically at ruining your life. Imagine if there was no fear,
absolutely none and every move every single day you awoke felt as though it was the most perfectly devised plan guaranteed to bring you eons closer to the goal, happiness, and lifestyle you downright dream of and deserve. You would place your bets with stellar confidence and roll where the dice may, but instead this terror trio feeds you an  abundant diet of brain poison and ungodly paralysis. 

The result?

A rut so deep, not even the hands of time could save you. its instilled in your very existence, but its your power to control, and tame it. 

Through the course of time I’ve managed some very effective strategies to minimize the effects of these terrible three. I say minimize because resistance never truly leaves, it just reduces, or it takes a vacation for awhile, the sooner you realize that, the faster you slap it in the face. 

Keep in mind the strategies I’m going to outline aren’t easy, they aren’t smooth, and it’ll take sheer willpower and confrontation of thyself to put this mental monster in its place. 

1. Confront every single fear you have. it doesn’t matter if its sticking to a diet, speaking in a large crowd of people, attending medical school, starting a fight club , or going out on a limb to start your own business based off desire. You must tell fear no and absolutely force yourself daily to surpass and partake in at least a small portion of what it is that was specifically holding you back. This way you’re subconsciously embedding success into the corridors of your mental well being and the feedback is nothing but positive, baby. 

2. Write in a journal the what why when where and how. I know, we always hear a cliche advocation of self journalism being as effective as a script to prozac but is it really? I think the effectiveness of writing is the pure ability to observe what it is specifically that you’re being held back form. which every individual case, just write, observe, and strategize a small step action plan. 

3. Remove any and absolutely every source of negativity you can. This means friends, family, people you see, the garbage on tv you watch, and poison that feels the air that saps you of the joy you deserve to be engulfed with. The moment I’ve removed these people from my life, the closer I was to being that much happier, and motivated to pursue those finer qualities. Energy is energy and like bad food, its gonna make you sick, and the more you consume the sicker you’re going to get.

4. what kind of positive influence would I be if i didn’t suggest weight training? shoot.. if you’re feeling immobile or frozen by the clutches of procrastination, set forth to the gym or where ever training equipment is convenient and start micro loading that bar for some progressive gains. is it quiet therapy? nope, but I guarantee itll  release your mind of decaying tension with some good old fashion endorphins and natural t production. Sometimes, I like to pretend I’m a spartan warrior and the gym is my training ground. just don’t tell anyone k? awesome. 

5. lastyl, read, read, and read some more. We as a new era keep getting it easier and easier with each new social media outlet or revolutionary device that pops up, but is it revolutionary? or is it simply making us unappreciative and lazier than hell? I don’t know about you, but theres a reason I don’t participate in the future of blogging with repetitive v logs, or constantly updating people on social media with emulated content, and its because I value skill, and writing, and the two are a skill not dulled by time. I know some of you probably hate sifting through new books and using your retinas, and that right there is another example of resistance and its and grasp. BREAK that habit, clearly I’m not asking you to read the poetry of renaissance France and king louis XIV but I am asking that you read a book every 1-2 weeks, something in your preference that’ll capture your attention and teach you something entirely new. thats the purpose of reading, learning something you never knew before. 

Look, Millions of us suffer from being held back by the unfortunate darkness that comes with the terror trio, but in actuality we can control, anything is possible, and like weight training and body composition, the more we do, the faster we can manage to master our own personal route. 

Some estimate that it takes 10,000 hours to master something, I suggest you get to work, and put fear where it belongs. 

I will say that if you devote yourself to said practice, it’ll be like living in paradise, and that special niche you’re uniquely designed for will fall neatly in place. 


To you and your success,