This post isn’t intended to represent anything dark, or emo, although the title would say otherwise. The point of this post is learning to use any emotional discomfort life throws at you as an edge, a motivational advantage, a reason to keep pushing and striving. We learn adaptation best when we are thrown into tough situations. Discomfort allows us to grow Indefinitely, after all if we came from complete comfort, psychologically we wouldn’t be willing to attempt anything that goes outside the box, or that challenges are means on this planet.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. When we are faced with challenges that take us beyond are limits the adaptation process begins, building us from within and preparing us positively for the change to come. Maybe you’re relationship is coming to an end, maybe your job isn’t meeting what you would like annually, perhaps your business isn’t taking off to where you would like it, and you want to give up. These are just small examples, I’m sure on a real world scale there are far more severe issues people are dealing with, and this applies to them too.

A comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing grows there

Which ever the occasion, you can rest assured knowing that when you learn to accept pain or discomfort and use it to drive you, you’ll be better off than you’ve been in years. You have to learn to accept it. When you become one with fear and you see it for what it is, fear shrinks and vanishes and you are no longer held a mental prisoner to the crippling hold it had on you originally. You’ll learn to subconsciously recognize that fear is a false reality conjured by your own doing.

The ability to generate positivity and take action through a situation which once held you back tremendously will be the most psychologically rewarding thing you’ve conquered in years. In order for this to occur you have to train your mind to believe, you have to convince yourself that you are unstoppable and you can dominate any situation thrown at you with pure masculinity and strategy. It’s almost that you are convincing yourself that you are the alpha, you have to tell yourself that you are better then others. I do not mean that in the typical douchebaggery way, I mean that in the most sincere upfront, self confident way. You have to believe that no matter what someone else is doing, you’ll be do better.

” unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it”

Fear and pain tends to get ahold of us and warp our thinking, it doesn’t allow us to grow and it can convince you that what you’re feeling currently is the absolute truth, but most of the time this is sub consciously driven by the ego, it isnt what’s actually happening, and chances are the situation isn’t nearly as bad as you think it is. Recognition of your discomfort is just as valuable as using it to your mental advantage. If you can throughly recognize what’s actually bad and what isn’t, as oppose to falsely perceiving the world, and a situation you’re in, you’re ready to conquer anything this strange place we call life throws at you.

If you’ve ever watched the entire batman saga with Christian bale, you’ll find that it was a much darker version of the movies. There was a subliminal message throughout the entire storyline. It was showing that Bruce Wayne successfully conquered his fear, and used his pain from the loss of his parents as an advantage to change Gotham, and free it from crime and evil. He became one with his fear as oppose to his fear separating from him mentally and preventing him from restoring peace back to his city.

The strategy of using pain and fear to your advantage can be challenging, it’s a mindset that takes studying and practicing with true desire for change over any curveball life can throw at you, but once you get it down, and you’ve correctly implemented everything I Complexly mentioned, you’ll be unstoppable, nothing can phase you, anything that goes against you, can’t even leave a dent on you.

Life will start working for you as oppose to against you. Fear and pain comes in all shapes and sizes. What you might be feeling may be child’s play to what someone else is feeling. Regardless of the type
Of discomfort, pain, or fear at by, the single handily most important lesson of this all is becoming one with your fear.