There’s no question that White collar’s hit tv show character Neal caffrey is without a doubt an absolute bad ass. His character just makes the ladies swoon, the fellas envious, and the Feds cringe. The way Neal subjects himself to women, rocks a fitted suit, and speaks with such confidence almost always makes him successful in any endeavor he devotes himself to. Now there’s plenty of ways to go about picking up Neal’s swagger without having to be a convincing con artist gone felon.

1. The suit. Yes you heard right, you won’t come anywhere near Neal’s sex appeal if you don’t have your suit game in line. The style presents itself almost as a 1950s iconic mad men style with a twist of modern infusion. Don’t worry though, you don’t ┬áneed to run out to Hugo boss or Valentino couture to look the part. express or H&m has alternative options at a much cheaper rate while still looking just as dapper. the key though is to get your suits fitted to your exact body type, for a look that’s so crisp, every woman you pass won’t keep her eyes off you.

2. Body language as well as language. Notice how the character doesn’t really need to speak too much, yet every word he says just almost always sounds right for that moment? That’s what you need to get good at. Slightly over optimistic with elegance in your mannerisms will lead to a perfect balance of confidence and sarcasm that’ll drive the ladies crazy. The key here is to act like every place your in is the place to be no matter what.

3. Hair is critical here, you can’t have a bald head or a pompadour for this one. This requires medium- long wavy hair to fit the part, hair has to be slicked back with perhaps a styling creme then blow dried with a brush to add the swoop at the top, almost like a mini cow-lick or a wavy style version of Patrick batemans doo. Woodys styling creme is the shit for men, and especially this.

4. I already mentioned a fitted suit, and tailoring. well this applies to all aspects of your casual wardrobe. Neal rocks a lot of dress shirts tucked in with with slacks of various colors and sharp dress shoes for a business casual look. It’s critical that you get all your clothes tailored to fit your body type to look crisp and fresh so you don’t look like you just burrowed your grandpas duds.

5. Get lean. This doesn’t mean that you need to get to an ifbb pro bodybuilders level of body fat, but getting lean so you have that fresh gq pop in clothing without looking like a bulky Neanderthal is mandatory. 8-10% body fat will do the trick in keeping you looking chiseled and slim in clothing. Stick to a low rep weight training routine to build myofibilar hypertrophy for dense increases in muscle mass without flooding the sarcomere of the muscle with blood for a lousy inflated balloon look. You’re going to want to stick with intense intervals for the legs to achieve excellent leg definition, great fat burning effects and density without causing excess growth that’ll take you further from this look.

So now what?
Now you go apply all five of these rules to your life, and instantly feel the confidence, vitality, and enthusiasm take place of your previous, boring mold you called yourself, because when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do good, cheers