1. Dress to

Always dress like you’re gonna meet the love of your life, or you’re gonna receive the best business opportunity you could dream
Of. Taking pride in how you dress, and dressing well
Ultimately displays a sure fire sign of confidence that you care about how you carry yourself. This will
Subconsciously wire people
Into thinking you’re a man of success, confidence and respect.
Think about it: some of the most well established business, celebrities,
and well groomed men always dress significantly better then public competition, and you know what? Women catch on.
It’s sad that we increase our chances of luring the opposite sex with how we look,
but it’s the world we live in, and it’s effective.
Get your clothes tailored, shop well and on a budget
if you need too, and learn appropriate style etiquette. Blaers, dark denim, cognac dress shoes ( double
Monk strap, wingtip and formal) dress shirts ( all
Colors and styles) and henleys should
All be staples.

2. Speak like Bond, James Bond 
Wearing something to project confidence is one thing, walking the walk is another.
How you present yourself tells people a lot about you. Notice how Bond never sweats all the small stuff, and any place he tends to be at is the place to be, no matter how terrible
It may be? Well this is due to the sheer fact that bond is so comfortable with who he is, and any potential move that no amount of obstacles could make him lose composure.
If you intend to make a good first impression, it can only be done with thorough belief in yourself aka true confidence.
This arises when you’re in absolute sync with who you are as an individual including your values. Your worth will never generate confidence that women love if it’s built on a foundation of surface level
Materlism. You have to stand strong with a presentation of absolute certainty in who you are as a unique individual, otherwise it’ll be sniffed out, and more than likely
You’ll be left with a brief mediocre conversation and an excuse to leave.


3. Stay well groomed

Another physical virtue that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Inadequate facial hair should always be groomed efficiently ,
or removed if need be, since patchy uneven facial hair never complimented anyone, except cavemen. Instead, if you can grow an even, thick, well
Maintained beard do it, if not shave it, you’ll be well
Off anyways.
Keep your hairstyle intact, always. Ensure you visit the barbers at least every 2 weeks for a trim,
especially if you’re rocking a longer hairstyle. Trims, thinning, and styling should all be done accordingly.
For all you guys rocking that Phil and lil rugrats undercut shave, this applies to you too.

4. Educate yourself

This applies to
All spectrums of life. The more knowledge you consume, the more knowledge you display.
Reading anything and everything is a simple fix for this, yet people completely take eyes, their brain, and the ability to read for granted.
Each time you read something new, neuro plasticity is enhanced ( memory recollection, and recall) allowing you to successfully recite
and utilize that new information you just read ultimately being able to speak with more confidence, verbal
Fluidity, and articulation.
Whether it’s getting a formal Education, or teaching yourself the ropes of Mastery in your own personal entrepreneurship journey,
educating yourself will pay off as an added perk of appearing more attractive to women, especially when faced with a real life conversation that so many men fear. Think about this: if you’re on a date with a 10/10
Woman, everything is fine, she appears highly attractive, but she has horrible Etiquette, and is as dumb as a doorknob, chances are you’re gonna be turned off by this lack of knowledge, especially if you’re a man of respect and class.
Unless of course your lobido takes over and primitive instincts kick in, then chances are we know why you’ll still pursue, however for a majority of the population Beauty and intelligence goes hand in hand.

5. Be successful

Lastly, be successful. This comes in many size, shapes, and forms. however, success is the ultimate indicator of self sufficiency.
It displays the ability to take care of yourself,  provide, and handle anything life throws at you in this world because you’ve ” figured it out” it doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer, a doctor, a Ceo, or a business owner, or on your own beaten path
to win.
being successful will provide an adequate indication that you’re self made, and independent. Besides more importantly, nothing should feel better for yourself than being independent and know you don’t need anyone
to help you. You’ve helped yourself and dominated this crazy thing we call life with a plan that has worked in your favor to deliver confidence, support, and the true definition of succeeding.