1. Brown shoes.Have you ever noticed how it’s almost impossible not to match with a nice solid brown dress shoe? If we’re speaking business casual, the versatility of the shoe can be matched with just about anything ie grey blazer, black blazer, grey slacks, black slacks, jeans and beige slacks. The list goes on. Aldo Steve Madden, and Aston Grey make phenomenal styles in brown dress shoes. It’s a top staple in my shoe game, as it should be yours.

2. Dark denim jeans. Nothing says crisp like a fresh pair of dark denim jeans. They complement just about anything you pair them with, including business casual attire, or simply a straight up casual outfit with a t-shirt and sneakers. Whether it’s grabbing a drink with your buddies, going to the bank, or having dinner with your girlfriend…Dark denim is a must have.

3. Tailored blazer. The blazer is the cars plasti-dip of clothes, within seconds you can go from average to outstanding, simply just by throwing a blazer over what could’ve been a mediocre outfit making you the most well dressed and appealing in the room. Wether it’s black, grey, or navy if the blazer is fitted, and paired with appropriate additives you’re in for a killer look regardless.

4. Fitted button up. As I’m sure you’re not going to rock the blazer alone ( I hope not) The fitted button up offers so much variety, one shirt can fuel numerous outfits leading to a plethora of choices without making you look like that one weird guy who wears the same thing everyday. Express 1mx makes a killer button up, as they come in three varieties ie fitted, extra slim fit, and modern. The prices are a little steep, but the quality is excellent and the fit is great.

5. The brown belt. Last and final, if it wasn’t apparent enough why the brown shoes are a solid choice, the brown belt is the icing on the cake. Leather should always match leather. This rule stays with you in dress and casual wear: brown leather shoes go with a brown leather belt, and black with black. Unless your goal is to look like a chameleon, stick to matching colors. The brown belt is very iconic, clean and classy, and quite personally I feel it catches the eye much more efficiently then a black belt does.

By now you should understand why these fantastic five should be staples in your wardrobe. They’re classy, stylish,and highly versatile, not to mention they offer endless variety for dress and business casual styling. The best thing of all is even if you like to ball on a budget you can still complete the look by picking these threads up at alternate places.