Its been quite some time since my last blog post.

I decided to take some extensive time away from the fitness world, social media, and every other social outlet that plagues our nation of electrically addicted crowds

Needless to say it was much needed and an immense breath of fresh air to recollect my thoughts and apply where my heart truly lies in this blogs unique approach to dressing well, fitness, and nutrition.

A combination that i thoroughly belief should never be disregarded under any circumstance for they simply make the man.

Here at StyleWithStrength Im not going to pretend I’m some high end menswear guru with years of experience down to every detail imaginable that would make derekzoolaknder jealous

however, I do know a thing or two about dressing damn good, and through the years of trial and error I’ve managed to gather an impressive wardrobe that easily places me above mediocrity

and into the category to of menswear worthy and up to par with the dapper scene.

” looking good isn’t self importance, its self respect”

With more than a couple months absent from blogging I thought I would kick off my first post back with 5 summer wardrobe essentials that keep you looking clean, comfortable and presentable all summer long

ah yes, its that time again, Summer, a particular time where we feel the need to be extra vibrant, expressive and confident for events to come. Events like rooftop parties, days at the beach, immense traveling, and everything else in-between that involves the sun and calls for our best threads.

Through the years of sifting through my wardrobe I’ve become particularly picky with what goes over my birthday suit, things that are staples for many years to come, especially for stellar seasons such as summer. ¬†these things end up remaining unique in that they simply become irreplaceable regardless of the trends that come and go.

so if looking above average is your game where ever you go, be sure to incorporate these 5 summer essential’s below

1. Colored blazer

colored blazer
Consider the colored blazer your undershirts wingman, this can be added to virtually any type of shirt: henley, vneck, crew neck, long sleeve, short sleeves, the list goes on.
The fact of the matter is you can take an outfit from mediocre to damn good in a matter of seconds.
The blazer pairs well with shorts, jeans, and chinos, a multitude of options for any selection of clothing you decide to pair with it.
Best of all? they come in all colors and sizes at a plethora of affordable costs.
If you’re like me and prefer to ball on a budget, you can acquire a dope unorthodox colored blazer from express or H&M at a fraction of what burberry or hugo boss is dishing¬†out.

2. Fitted polo shirt

bond polo
This really is an iconic irreplaceable item, and I’m a huge fan of them for great reason. When it comes to looking business casual, it simply cant beaten when placed in the ” shirt” category
No, Im not talking about wearing your polo shirt on the golf course hoping you get a birdy in a pair of plaid pants tucked in, Im speaking in relation to pairing it with some fitted dress slacks, or an adequate pair of chinos for a look
that’ll take you far above average just about anywhere you go. When you choose your stye of shirt, make sure you don’t get it too tight, you don’t want the sleeves to greatly squeeze your biceps and send a cheesy vibe.
Just slightly hugging your tricep and bicep is all you need to sufficiently look appropriately fitted.

3.Fitted swim trunks

Ive talked about this previously and extensively in a prior blog post. Unless You’re vanilla ice attending a metal militia concert, you have no business wearing board shorts, they’re unbecoming, outdated, and bro in every aspect.
Take a look at europe, GQ magazine, and every celebrity with an ounce of style and you’ll see they’re cunning incorporation of swim trunks is a fitted pair that rises just slightly above the knee.
The goal here isn’t to be wearing daisy dukes, or borats green man thong, but to get yourself a fitted pair of shorts that compliments your leg aesthetics, especially if you have vmo development ( the muscle above your knee) and if you don’t, I suggest you start sprinting.
Places like Zara, H&M, Express, nordstrom, or nordstrom rack will take care of you.

4. Sunglasses.

oliver peoplesNot only is this absolutely necessary to top off your outfit, but you should care about your facial aesthetics as well.
Wearing glasses in the bright sun is going to keep you from squinting excessively and creating wrinkles,
as well as block unnecessary amounts of sun from aging/ damaging your skin. The face is a delicate area, and if looking your best is your thing, pick up a solid pair of shades.
Any pair of shades simply won’t do, depending on your facial structure, you’ll need to go by width or slenderness.
If you happen to have a thinner face, a pair of smaller frames will do wonders such as wayfarer, oliver peoples bernardo, or clubmasters, and if you happen to have a wider face aviators, erika classic, wayfayer ( larger size) or RB2180 will suffice.

5. Loafers

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you understand how well loafers compliment your essential clothing pieces such as chinos and dark jeans.
The trick is never to wear socks with loafers period, especially if you’re cuffing the ankles on the bottom to show a little, this is simply a tacky unfashionable look.
When worn properly and appropriately, especially with the right make, rocking no socks with loafers will keep
You cool, cooler, and highly appealing, especially In a pair of no break chinos.